Our Products

At this time we are providing Barite and Bentonite to meet the supply demand of our customers.

About Barite

Barite is sought after in the manufacture of oil well drilling fluids for several reasons. First, it is chemically, magnetically and physically neutral and generally environmentally disposable. For drilling applications, especially in the oil and gas industry, Barite is the preferred component to control hole pressure and preserve the longevity of drilling equipment. Barite is not considered to be a toxic chemical due to its extreme insolubility. Rock Fin Minerals is an industry specialist and trusted resource in the acquisition, packaging and shipping of Barite around the world.

About Bentonite

Bentonite is a mineral typically called "The clay of a thousand uses." It is widely used in the oil field as a drilling fluid mud additive which enhances viscosity and filtration control. Bentonite has high bonding properties when mixed with sand. Bentonite swells when wet, has gel-forming properties, is a major component of water-based drilling muds, and is of low acute toxicity.

Other Minerals

Please contact us about other minerals such as Bauxite, Coal, Iron ore, Feldspar, Quartz, Rock Phosphate and Granite.