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As a resource development company, Rock Fin Minerals is primarily involved in the responsible location, extraction, packaging, and shipping of minerals, metals, and rare earths. Our portfolio of resource development is currently focused on Barite and Bentonite. We provide world-class solutions to dynamic industries such as energy, plastics, rubber, and others. If your operation requires raw materials supplier with high standards for quality, dependable packaging, and long-term experience with shippers and delivery, you can rely on Rock Fin Minerals.

An expert in Barite and Bentonite sourcing

Rock Fin Minerals is your Barite and Bentonite supply expert. We specialize in industrial mineral sourcing, shipping and logistics. Count on us to supply the quantities of Barite and Bentonite you need, when you need them, and at various grades. Whether lump form or finished powder, we ship in packaging based on your requirements. Contact us for a quote. We are just a phone call or email away and offer competitive pricing.

Barite and Bentonite products, packaging, and shipping

Rock Fin Minerals offers Barite crude ore in lumps and finished product including Barite powder ground to API specifications. At this time, the packaging preferred most by our customers is Barite powder in 1.5 Mt. Jumbo bags. We also offer other types of packaging, such as 100 pound bags or 50 kg bags on wood pallets, shrink wrapped.

Bentonite is provided in API grade, OCMA grade and also as extended drilling Bentonite. This product is typically shipped in 25 kg bags or in other packaging as specified. Please contact us for detail specification and additional information regarding our Barite and Bentonite products and packaging.

Rock Fin Minerals provides logistics that ensure superior sea freight and shipping transactions which yield on-time delivery of our Barite and Bentonite products. We oversee land transport to your destination.

Why Barite and Bentonite?

Especially in the energy industry, Barite and Bentonite are popular in oil field applications as drilling muds and viscosity agents, and for use in hole pressure control. See our “About” section for more on these preferred minerals.